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Clinical-Grade Side Sensor.

Accurate. Advanced. On-demand.

With our patent-pending, clinical-grade side sensor, you can more accurately measure blood pressure and APG (your vascular age) whenever you wish to give you an understanding of some of your important health parameters.

The Power to Know, Wherever You Go.

Using proven optical measurement techniques, LifeWatch Generation 2 captures accurate readings for heart rate, breath rate, stress and energy levels.
Using electrodes, the device is able to measure your body composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis, or BIA. This powerful technique returns data for 19 different body measurements.

Its easy, convenient and your Life Watch 2 is ready to take on your life with you.  

VyvoPay Band.

Conveniently make payments with just your LifeWatch Generation 2 and VyvoPay Band. Tap to check out at any NFC contactless payment terminal worldwide.
The all-new hardware and increased anonymized data generated, your LifeWatch Generation 2 provides you with a greater opportunity of earning VyvoToken.

It's Your Data. Earn From It.

With the LifeWatch Generation 2 on your wrist capturing your anonymous data, you can participate in the mining of $VSC.


Your LifeWatch Generation 2 syncs your data with the Helo Smart App, making it simple and convenient to monitor your metrics and your progress in making improvement.

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