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Intelligent, personalized nutrition in real time

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Choosing the right supplements can be confusing and intimidating. Trade chaos for confidence and bring home the world’s most advanced nutritional system.

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NutraMatic takes the guesswork out of supplementation.

First we collect personal biodata from your wearable device and an at-home urinalysis strip. We apply proprietary AI to analyze your current biodata, and this patent-pending countertop device delivers your optimized nutrients, when you need them, day after day, right in your own home. We then monitor your biodata to provide feedback to our Helo AI engine to assess the impact of these nutrients and lifestyle activity, so it can further optimize your next nutrient dose.

NutraMatic means unparalleled convenience, confidence, and improved health.

This is Wellness 3.0 — a quantum leap to true wellness transformation!

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NutraLife NutraMatic AI Program (NAP)

NAP is an international investigational study designed to gather and analyze participant biomarker data which will be used to train our NutraLife AI knowledge domain and provide an even more personalized solution to our customers.
This international study will be run in phases, where voluntary participants enroll in groups.

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