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BioStrip is an at-home urinalysis test that provides deep, real-time nutritional analysis, returning insightful results for key physiological biomarkers.

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Personalized Advice, Every Time

BioStrip users are empowered to take control of their health and pursue goals on their personal wellness transformation.

Unlocking Your Biodata 

Urine contains a wealth of information — key bio-data about your health. Now, BioStrips are revolutionizing an at-home approach to this proven method of evaluating health and wellness. 

Testing is easy, fast, and convenient!​ 


Download the NutraLife App from the App Store or the Google Play Store and register.


Allow urine to saturate a​ll colored boxes for a minimum of 2-5 seconds.


Wait 60 seconds for the strip to fully activate. A timer will display on the  test screen of your NutraLife AI App for your convenience.


Tap the test icon in the App to take a photo of your BioStrip. Check your App to get your results.

By using a BioStrip weekly, you’re giving our generative AI more data points to work with. As this data accumulates, the AI will better understand you and your biodata!

See for yourself what you can learn from BioStrips. Order yours today and enjoy real-time, personalized guidance for your wellness journey.

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NutraLife NutraMatic AI Program (NAP)

NAP is an international investigational study designed to gather and analyze participant biomarker data which will be used to train our NutraLife AI knowledge domain and provide an even more personalized solution to our customers.
This international study will be run in phases, where voluntary participants enroll in groups.

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