Creating Devices

that People Love

At Helo Health, Research & Development is our core process. We’re continually pushing the envelope of what can be done with wearable and IoT devices. By diligently monitoring the market and identifying needs, we can pursue unique solutions based on the latest technologies. Where others might say “impossible,” we see the opportunity to build something special and memorable.

Examples include the Leggera Smart Scale, and the wearables LifeWatch Generation 2, LifeWatch Lite SE, and the BioSense health band. These devices and others under our brand are used by hundreds of thousands around the world.

However, we aren’t interested in developing technology just for technology’s sake. 

We celebrate innovation as much as other pioneers, but for us, innovating without positively influencing our community of users is an empty achievement. Our goal is to design, manufacture, and provide wearable and other connected technology that impacts human health and enables our users to live their best possible lives.

Exceeding their expectations is what drives our effort

Our Life Sensing Technology™ helps us achieve this goal, as does our relentless focus on four critical factors:

• Incorporating encryption technology that enables our users to digitally sign their data.
• Using the most advanced sensing components.
• Developing the most accurate back-end algorithms.
• Creating devices that delight our users.