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The Helo LifeWatch Lite SE gives you valuable, timely insights into your health & wellness.

By wearing the LifeWatch Lite SE every day, you can seamlessly and continuously monitor key health metrics and track your progress over time in the Helo Smart App.

Give yourself the power to know and improve your health and wellbeing with the LifeWatch Lite SE.

Body Temperature

The Helo Watch Lite SE is equipped with a medical-grade Texas Instruments temperature sensor, accurate to within ±0.1°C. Trust this precision to keep you constantly aware of your body temperature, an important indicator of health and wellbeing.

Scientific Assessment of Sleep Quality Analysis

It’s comfortable enough to wear all night, so give yourself a full understanding of your sleep quality. See your moments of light, deep, and REM sleep, and also wakefulness and make yourself more aware of this important component of wellness.


Your LifeWatch Lite SE syncs your data with the Helo Smart App, making it simple and convenient to monitor your metrics and your progress in making improvement.

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