Does BioSense measure Oxygen Saturation?

Yes, BioSense performs an automatic measurement of Oxygen Saturation through the red sensor on the underside of the Band 24 hours a day.

Manual measurement can also be performed at any time in two ways: Via the clinical-grade fingertip sensor, and via the App.


  1. Log into the App and go to the “Data” page.
  2. Scroll to “Oxygen Saturation”. Tap on it.
  3. Start the measurement by clicking the “Measurement” button.


  1. Press the Band button twice quickly.
  2. The simultaneous SpO2/Blood Pressure measurement will start within 10 seconds. The blue light will flicker for 1 second. Place your finger on the fingertip sensor to start the measurement.
Please note: If your finger is not placed on the fingertip sensor, the Band will automatically cancel the measurement.
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